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19 Wondrous Waterfalls in Oklahoma (By An Oklahoman)

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Looking for the Best Waterfalls in Oklahoma?

Whether natural or manmade, the soothing sounds of waterfalls in Oklahoma will instantly connect you to nature in the most calming way. There are many popular, and sometimes secluded, Oklahoma waterfalls for travelers to enjoy and experience across the state.

Check out these 19 waterfalls on our must-see list. We’ve grouped them by location, so you might check out more than one when you’re in a particular area.

Table of Contents

South Central Oklahoma
Southeastern Oklahoma – Ouachita Mountain Area
Northeastern Oklahoma
Southwestern Oklahoma – Wichita Mountains
Western Oklahoma
Central Oklahoma

South Central Oklahoma

1. Turner Falls

Image by westtexasfish from Getty Images

Known as the tallest falls in Oklahoma, Turner Falls is located on Honey Creek in the Arbuckle Mountains, on the west side of I35 near Davis, Oklahoma. Families love to visit for the day, picnicking and swimming in the icy cold waters. The views are spectacular from below, as well as from above as you can hike around the falls as well.

2. Camp Classen Falls

YMCA’s Camp Classen is nestled amidst the Arbuckle Mountains near Davis, Oklahoma. The camp encompasses 2,200 acres of beautiful land and features stunning waterfalls after guided hikes.

Our elementary school takes our 5th-grade class each fall to visit the camp and stay for the week. Our week at Camp Classen went down as one of the most epic school experiences in our own little personal history. Even after a few years, the kids remember it with sweet nostalgia still!

Other excursions include horseback riding, archery, stargazing, and canoeing, for example. Visitors can sign up for traditional camping opportunities for kids ages 6-16, but they also offer family events and outdoor education opportunities.

3. Little Niagara Falls

little niagara falls

Sounds like a waterfall right?! In Sulphur, OK, you’ll find many falls surrounding the Little Niagara area, in the heart of the Chickasaw National Recreational Area. Although, Little Niagara is considered the most famous. Be sure to visit the Travertine Nature Center to learn more about the wildlife and excursions in the area.

4. Waterfalls along Travertine Creek

waterfalls in chickasaw national recreation area
waterfall along perimeter road

Take a hike through the Chickasaw National Recreation Area to see several beautiful small waterfalls. Water flow is heaviest after good rainfall. The natural springs in Sulphur, OK produce 5 million gallons of ice-cold water per day, and are the source of Travertine Creek. It cascades down through the area forming different small waterfalls such as Bear Falls and Garfield Falls.

Drive along Perimeter Road until you see a spot perfect for a swim. There are many areas for pullovers, as well as camping sites and picnic tables nearby for a longer stay.

5. Slippery Falls

Slippery Falls

Slippery Falls at Kerr Scout Ranch is about 5 miles from Tishomingo, OK. Scout campers can enjoy hiking and fishing in this beautiful part of the state. The ice-cold water cascades down Pennington Creek and makes a gorgeous backdrop.

6. Blue River

Blue River

Although not named a waterfall, there are lovely small rippling waterfalls along Blue River near Tishomingo. The spring-fed river is stocked with trout seasonally and has specific areas for public fishing when licensed appropriately. Be sure to stop at Scotty’s Blue River shop, located at the entrance, for more information.

Southeastern Oklahoma – Ouachita Mountain Area

7. Mountain Fork River

Mountain Fork River

There are falls throughout the river, perfect for kayakers in need of a rush. We typically stay in an Airbnb or VRBO in the Hochatown area and then drive to the Mountain Fork River or to one of our favorite kayaking rental companies. Check out our post about that here.

8. Carnasaw Creek near Broken Bow

Now, this little gem was a trip worth taking. It was a little off the beaten path, but well worth the adventure. You can find these falls along Carnasaw Creek southeast of Carnasaw Lookout Tower & south of Rock Pile Trail. Understandably, we picked up some ticks and spotted a baby water mocassin as well. Keep your eyes peeled, tread carefully, leave no trace behind, and pack plenty of water.

The secluded area was absolutely breathtaking. There were no other visitors around. This was a hike we intend to make again and is our personal favorite waterfall in Oklahoma because of its seclusion.

9. Presbyterian Falls

Presbyterian Falls is another famous falls in the Beavers Bend State Park area on the lower stretches. It provides some fun entertainment for both inexperienced and experienced kayakers and canoers. We’ve only gone over it in kayaks, and have loved it every time.

Canoers and kayakers typically visit in the spring and fall if possible, for the best weather and conditions. Be sure to contact the kayak and canoe rental companies the day before you plan to go to make sure water is flowing and that you’ll have a good ride.

10. Heavener Runestone Park

If you’re looking for cascading waterfalls in Oklahoma with a side of fascinating history, the falls at Heavener Runestone Park will fit the bill!

The runestone is on Poteau Mountain in southeastern Oklahoma. You only need to hike a short distance to see it. The mysterious stone is Swedish-inscribed. Some think it was possibly discovered by the Choctaw in the 1830s and then uncovered again in the 1920s.

Some believe the carvings originally came from Viking explorers around 1000 A.D. Others believe they were carved in the early 1700s. Regardless, it’s worth the trip to see the lovely waterfall and the surrounding scenery.

Northeastern Oklahoma

11. Natural Falls

Natural Falls waterfall in oklahoma
Image by Harris Kellough from Getty Images

Natural Falls is located in Eastern Oklahoma in the foothills of the Ozarks and near Siloam Springs. The 77-foot waterfall is featured as a top tourist spot in Natural Falls State Park. Viewers can admire the falls from two different platforms, near the bottom and the top. However, swimming in the falls isn’t an option here in order to protect the surrounding environment.

12. Bluestem Falls

Bluestem Falls
Image by Christopher Heim from Getty Images

Bluestem Falls is near Pawhuska, OK, and is the direct effect of the creation of the manmade lake, Bluestem Lake. When the lake was created in the 1950s, water naturally spilled over into Middle Bird Creek, forming what is now called Bluestem Falls.

It’s a breathtaking spot for a picnic. Definitely bring your camera along as well!

13. Sand Creek Falls

You can make a fun day trip from Tulsa to visit the Sand Creek Falls in Osage Hills State Park. There are four main hiking trails. Take Falls Trail (only 0.5 miles) to reach the small Sand Creek Falls. Then, you can connect to the Cabin Trail, followed by the Creek Trail. Altogether, the three trails total about 3 miles of hiking, with some spectacular views any time of the year.

Southwestern Oklahoma – Wichita Mountains

14. Bath Lake Medicine Park

Bath Lake Falls in Medicine Park

Looking for waterfalls in Oklahoma that you can swim in? The falls on Bath Lake in Medicine Park are surrounded by a kid-friendly swimming spot, along with streets full of unique, quaint shops and wonderful restaurants.

We found a yummy taco stand with shaded seating where we could look out over the water. The town is a one-stop and shop for a day full of fun for the whole family.

Some areas are shallower and great for younger swimmers and other areas are deeper and perfect for older kids and adults. Weekdays are less busy. Also, visitors can pay $3 to swim. Bring a tube or floaties for relaxing.

If you’re looking for more to do in the area, check out the Medicine Park Aquarium and Natural Sciences Center. Travel a little further northwest and you can drive up Mount Scott and hike some trails in the Wichitas.

15. Post Oak Waterfall

Post Oak Falls is located within the Wichitas in Indiahoma, Oklahoma, and is a part of the Charon’s Garden Wilderness. Hikers can view the small waterfall after a moderate hike that is about 1.5 miles on Post Oak Falls Trail. Visitors will want to go after a rainy period of weather. Otherwise, it might be too dry to view it with running water.

16. Waterfall at Forty Foot Hole

When in the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge, there are several waterfalls that you can explore. One such cascading waterfall can be found at Forty Foot Hole via the Kite Trail. It resides at the base of a canyon along Cache Creek. While listed as easy, it does have some elevation gain and rocky ground.

Pro Tip: You must keep an eye out for snakes!

forty foot hole waterfall
This image was taken when rainfall had been minimal. Look closely to spot the falls! Visit after recent rainfall to view a greater flow of water.

Western Oklahoma

17. Falls at Roman Nose State Park

Roman Nose State Park in northwestern Oklahoma features 3 waterfalls for visitors to enjoy. Hike the family-friendly Three Springs Trail to see all three: Big Spring Waterfall, Middle Spring Waterfall, and last but not least, Little Spring Waterfall.

There are spots to wade and lots of fantastic photo opportunities as well!

Central Oklahoma

18. Martin Park Nature Center

The falls that cascade through parts of Spring Creek on the north side of Martin Park Nature Center are a welcome retreat to nature. The park is located in the northwest corner of Oklahoma City. The small waterfalls can best be seen after good rainfall. Martin Park Nature Center offers both exploration and education to its visitors with wooded trails, a visitor center, and a playground.

19. Will Rogers Park in Oklahoma City

Another great urban Oklahoma waterfall is the serene falls of Will Rogers Park. It’s located on the west side of Oklahoma City. Pathways for walking line either side of the falls, and park benches for calm relaxation are within view as well.

Visitors enjoy the park’s landscaped gardens throughout the area. It’s the perfect spot for a picnic lunch or afternoon walk. Open hours vary depending on the season. Be sure to check out their website before visiting late in the day or evening.

What is the Biggest Waterfall in Oklahoma?

Turner Falls is easily recognized as the tallest waterfall in the state. At 77 feet, with room to swim below, the falls create a breathtaking background as well as an excellent spot for swimming and picnicking.

Turner Falls waterfall in Oklahoma
Image by Richard Smith from Getty Images

See the Spread of Waterfalls in Oklahoma

Bottom line, don’t let the myth of solely flat land in Oklahoma fool you. There are plenty of diverse landscapes and some great waterfall sightings throughout our great state. Whether natural or manmade, the waterfalls in Oklahoma are quite scenic and calming.

Plan your next trip to see one or visit them all. Also, let us know if we are missing any and need to add them to our list!

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