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21 Best Things To Do In Hochatown

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Looking for some of the best excursions in Hochatown?

There are so many wonderful things to do in Hochatown, OK. The town may be small in size, but it is a landmine of opportunity for adventure, fun, & tranquility. Each of our visits over the past decade has been uniquely adventurous, but always leaves us with a longing for more. 

Encompassed by the evergreens and sedimentary rock formations of the Kiamichi Mountains, it’s situated just outside of Beavers Bend State Park and north of Broken Bow, OK along U.S. Highway 259. 

Locals have worked to create a thriving community while maintaining the area’s natural and charismatic charm. Besides being a hot spot for both outdoor adventurers and those searching for peaceful relaxation, Hochatown is a town of sheer resilience with a rich, meaningful history. 

The town officially became an incorporated community in November of 2022, after years of advocacy by local supporters & residents. With about 30,000 visitors on weekends, Hochatown has something to offer for every traveler.

Best Things To Do In Hochatown

Our top picks include activities ranging from indoor amusements to outdoor excursions. Fortunately, there is a wide range of opportunities for fun available! Some things are best suited for adults, while others are perfect for families with children. You’re bound to find multiple things to do in Hochatown that are perfect for your ideal itinerary.

Note: Several establishments in or near Hochatown still have Broken Bow addresses but are a part of Hochatown. Hochatown is still waiting for USPS to reinstate their previous zip code. Learn more about Hochatown’s city limits, updated April of 2024, here. The Broken Bow zip code currently covers many rural communities in the area, as shown here. The city of Broken Bow is about 10 miles south of Hochatown and 12 miles south of Beavers Bend State Park.

1. Visit Beavers Bend State Park – Hochatown Area

The Hochatown area of Beavers Bend State Park encompasses the northern part of the park on the west side of Broken Bow Lake. Activities you can enjoy and explore in this area include:

  • Hiking
  • Kayaking
  • Camping
  • Cedar Creek Golf Course
  • Picnicking
  • Boating
  • Fishing 
  • Mountain Biking
  • Swimming
Broken Bow Lake
Broken Bow Lake

The area’s name gives an honorable mention to Hochatown’s original town site, located beneath what is now Broken Bow Lake.


2. Explore Scenic Views of Grandeur

Anytime I scout out a new location, I’m on the lookout for the best spots to photograph and the best views of the area. Our top viewpoints are:

  • Beavers Bend Brewery – Climb their stairs to the topmost deck for a wonderful view of Hochatown. Sunsets are a favorite!
  • Cedar Bluff Trail Lookout – a little further south into Beavers Bend Park, this lookout can be found along Cedar Bluff Trail. Cameras just can’t do it justice! 
cedar bluff trail
views in hochatown

3. Wildlife Viewing

Wildlife native to the area can be found on your back porch or along the trails in Beavers Bend State Park. Bald eagles, deer, turkey, ducks, coyotes, woodpeckers, or even an occasional black bear might be seen. However, we haven’t spotted a black bear yet.

deer in beavers bend state park while hiking

4. Hochatown Rescue Center & Petting Zoo

Hochatown Rescue Center and Petting Zoo are perfect for animal lovers of all ages, featuring a diverse array of animals such as farm animals, birds, reptiles, and even some exotic species. As a licensed wildlife rehabilitation center, the facility emphasizes animal welfare education and welcomes donations to support their cause. 

5. Explore a Gigantic Wooden Maze & Play Mini-Golf

The Maze of Hochatown is a pretty unique experience in itself. Large wooden panels create a human-sized large labyrinth to literally get lost in and navigate your way out. The layout is changed occasionally, so make it a stop every time you’re in town. Additionally, they now have an 18-hole mini-golf course available, Chili Dippers Golf Club, as well!

6. Explore the History of the Area

Check out the Forest Heritage Center & Nature Center at Beavers Bend State Park to learn more about the area’s history and its people. 

Looking for more about the Choctaw Nation and don’t mind a drive? Check out the Choctaw Nation Museum in Tuskahoma, OK. It’s a little over an hour away from Hochatown, OK, but provides visitors with information and displays about Choctaw history. Entry is free!

7. Ziplining Adventure

Check out Rugaru Adventures Ziplining Tour to book a ziplining adventure in Hochatown. Ziplining in general is thrilling, but coupled with soaring through the forested terrain seals the deal!

8. Pan for Treasure

Beavers Bend Mining Company is fantastic for families and children, with a variety of activities. Kiddos can pan for stones, fossils, and gems, enjoy the playground, ride a dinosaur ride, dig in the dino area, create wax hands, or explore the gift shop. 

9. Gutter Chaos Bowling Alley

Gutter Chaos offers family fun with restaurant service too. The establishment offers a limited number of bowling lanes, as well as pool tables, an arcade, and an outdoor patio with games. While it is an ideal destination for family outings, it also features a bar and hosts evening karaoke sessions, for an adult-only crowd.

10. Hochatown Amusements

Hochatown Amusements is another family fun center that’s located a little further south on 259. It offers go-kart races and putt-putt, as well as scrumptious fair-food-style snacks.

11. Hochatown Escape Games

Hochatown Escape Games offers a great variety of entertainment and is one of our top picks for activities to do during rainy weather. Book 1 of 4 escape room games for your group and expect to have a blast whether you unlock all of the clues in time or not. 

Prefer to play from your cabin or lodging? Check out their mobile escape game experience! Book online and pick up at their location in Hochatown and enjoy it for up to 3 hours with up to 65 minutes of game time to play.

12. Hochatown BigFoot Axe Throwing

BigFoot Axe Throwing is located at Hochatown Escape Games. Never thrown an axe before? Don’t worry! They do show you how during a quick orientation. It’s a lot of fun whether you’re competing in a small party or a large group. It does book up quickly, so reservations can be made in advance and are recommended.

13. Hochatown Scavenger Hunt

Also located at Hochatown Escape Games, this scavenger hunt experience will take you all over Beavers Bend State Park and the area surrounding the park. It incorporates riddles and puzzles to help you tour the area.

14. Explore the Forest With Bandits ATV

Looking for a unique way to explore the area? Rent a UTV! Trail maps are provided at Bandits ATV so that you can self-guide your way through the Ouachita National Forest. Boat rentals are also available.

15. Go-Karts & Rides

BigFoot Speedway has go-karts, a unique and stomach-rolling BigFoot 360 ride, a VR roller coaster, and snocones! 

16. The Cave Virtual Reality

The Cave Virtual Reality offers visitors a variety of VR experiences such as fighting zombies or exploring the Great Wall of China!

17. Nightlife & Dancing

Hochatown Saloon is a family-friendly restaurant that turns into an adult-friendly dance hall by night on the weekends! Check out their website to see upcoming live performances and hours.  

18. Beavers Bend Wildlife Museum

Located along U.S. Highway 259 by the south entrance to Beavers Bend State Park, the Beavers Bend Wildlife Museum is on the south side of Hochatown. Guided audio tours are available with many exhibits, taxidermy, and dioramas for viewing. 

19. Sweets & Coffee Shops

Our top picks:

🍭 Okie Girls Coffee & Ice Cream – best of both worlds – I love their White Chocolate Latte. 

🍭 Hochatown Coffee Central – wonderful coffee, baked goods, treats, & adorable shop!

🍭 Sasquatch Candy Den – HUGE candy store with tons of variety

20. Wineries, Breweries, & Distilleries

If you like tastings, stop in & check these out:

🍷 Girls Gone Wine – wonderful gift shop & wine tastings available

🍷 Wild Horse Winery – friendly owners & great selection of wine

🍷 Beavers Bend Brewery – try their jalapeno beer – we’re lifelong fans

🍷 Hochatown Distilling Company – take their tour & enjoy their tastings

21. Souvenir Shopping

There are so many wonderful shops in the area. A few that we love to visit when in town are:

📍 Happy Tree Gifts – right in the heart of Hochatown next to Grateful Head Pizza, adorable shop with so many fun items

📍 Hochatown Mountain Company – cute gift shop with a huge selection of t-shirts, decor, gear, & treats

📍 Janet’s Treasure Chest – further south, but a fun shop to always stop in & peruse through

Best Places to Eat in Hochatown 

A few worth mentioning:

📍 Grateful Head Pizza & Tap Room – a favorite we frequent on every trip – fun patio vibes with great pizza & music

📍 Abendigo’s – Looking for a special occasion? Dress up for dining or keep it casual.

📍 Tacohoma – street tacos were amazing & fun outdoor picnic table atmosphere

📍 Hochahut – great quick bite or snack on a budget

evening in Hochatown
Grateful Head Pizza & Tap Room

Where to Stay in Hochatown

If you’re looking to stay in the heart of Hochatown, there are several available options. Some locations have Hochatown addresses, while others have Broken Bow addresses. 

Cabins in Hochatown, OK

There are hundreds of cabins in the Hochatown & Broken Bow area. We have stayed in both cabins & tiny cabins along U.S. Highway 259 either in or near Hochatown. 

Our Booking Resources:

tiny cabin in hochatown
Tiny cabin in Hochatown area

Hotels in Hochatown, OK

We have not stayed at these locations but felt they would be good options to explore for those in need of a hotel or resort-style lodging.

Choctaw Landing

This newly opened, non-smoking resort and casino offers luxury rooms, casino games, a pool, an outdoor entertainment area, restaurants, and a small grocery area. Although pricey, it offers a beautiful stay in Hochatown with many amenities.

➡️ Book Choctaw Landing Lodging Here

Beavers Bend Lodge

Located within Beavers Bend State Park, this remodeled lodge is about a 5-7 minute drive from the heart of Hochatown. It offers a free breakfast with a hotel-style room setup and features gorgeous views of the lake.

How to Get to Hochatown, OK

Typical travel times from nearby cities to expect:

📍 From Oklahoma City, OK: 225 miles (a little under 4 hours)

📍 From Tulsa, OK: 205 miles (about 3.5 hours)

📍 From Dallas, TX: 180 miles (a little over 3 hours)

📍 From Little Rock, AR: 176 miles (a little over 3 hours)

Note: Hochatown is about a 10-minute drive north of the town of Broken Bow.


Is Hochatown a town?

Yes! Hochatown is officially a town as of November 2022. Volunteer residents have spent countless hours on behind-the-scenes efforts, both before and after incorporation, to meet the community’s needs. Now, they’re building the town’s infrastructure from the ground up.

Hochatown’s mayor, Dian Jordan, shared a little about their ongoing endeavors.

“Prior to incorporation, the residents of Hochatown had no control pertaining to town growth, ordinances, or infrastructure. We are currently in the process of creating a master plan to address the essential health and safety needs for the town. Road improvements are a priority. Locals and tourists alike will benefit from improved roads.”

– Dian Jordan, Mayor of Hochatown

What is Hochatown, Oklahoma known for?

Hochatown, OK is known for its rich history as a community originally formed by members of the Choctaw Tribe, its timber and moonshine industries, and the relocation of the original town to make way for the construction of Broken Bow Lake. 

Today, it is also known for its forested mountain-town charm and outdoor recreational activities, including boating, fishing, and hiking in the surrounding natural areas.

“We’ve been a tourist destination for more than fifty years. It’s only been in the past ten years that exponential growth has occurred in the activities and entertainment arena. The candy stores, axe-throwing, Maze… these are all new activities that complement the nature-based land and water sports we have been known for. Fishing, swimming, and hiking are always visitor favorites for activities.”

– Dian Jordan, Mayor of Hochatown

Is Hochatown worth visiting?

Yes! If you love scenic views & epic adventures, Hochatown is worth visiting. It’s very much a quaint, but thriving community amidst the Ouachita National Forest and Kiamichi Mountains, a subrange of the Ouachita Mountains. Despite its busy growth, we still find it to be a unique, secluded getaway worth taking.

The landscape of Hochatown has changed significantly over the last decade. The area’s tourism has exploded, drawing in more tourists and entrepreneurs than ever before. Hochatown has about 300 citizens but sees around 30,000 visitors on any given weekend. The town has succeeded in maintaining its quaint, historic charm while supporting local businesses with its spike in tourism. A healthy balance is critical, and the town itself is proof of success!

What town is at the bottom of Broken Bow Lake?

Hochatown was first established in the 1800s by Choctaw Tribe members who had been relocated from the Trail of Tears. The community’s growth was driven by the thriving timber industry. When timber production slowed, moonshine production became a prominent industry during prohibition.

In the 1960s, the government relocated Old Hochatown to make way for the construction of Broken Bow Lake, resulting in the submersion of the original site beneath the lake and the loss of its zip code. Many of Old Hochatown’s structures, including the church and cemetery, were relocated as a result.

Is Broken Bow and Hochatown the same?

No, Hochatown and Broken Bow are not the same but both are often used to refer to the same popular area by tourists. Hochatown is no longer an unincorporated community near Broken Bow. It now thrives as a self-sufficient strip of town alongside Beavers Bend State Park, on U.S. Highway 259, and is home to popular tourist attractions and establishments.

Wrap-Up: Best Things To Do In Hochatown

In conclusion, the bustling town of Hochatown, OK offers a wide range of activities and attractions for visitors of all ages. Whether it’s exploring the natural beauty of Beavers Bend State Park or indulging in the local dining and entertainment scene, there’s truly something for everyone to enjoy. 

Our ideal Hochatown itinerary consists of a combination of excursions in town, as well as hiking in Beavers Bend State Park and kayaking down the Mountain Fork River. 

With its picturesque surroundings, outdoor adventures, and welcoming community, Hochatown is a destination that promises unforgettable experiences and lasting memories for all who visit. Whether you have a weekend to get away or a full week to devote to exploring the area, a trip to Hochatown is worth every minute.


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