couple in woods

We are Heath & Rae Lynn + 3 kids, a pup, & chickens.

Now, a little about us. We are lifelong Oklahoma residents, raising our family in a life immersed in adventure. By day, Rae Lynn is an educator, writer, professional photographer, and creative entrepreneur. Heath is an avid researcher, outdoorsman, technician, and Scout leader. That’s a lot right?! So we love to get out and explore every chance we get and then some.

How It All Started

We met 10 years ago now on Match of all places, and well, what can we say….it most definitely works! Together, we complement each other in the best of ways and share a love of travel, locally and afar (whenever possible).

Why We Do What We Do

Adventures give rise to connection. No doubt about that. So, it has always been a priority in our busy lives. When we first started exploring together with kids in tow, we’d spend hours researching different websites & blogs to piece together a realistic and detailed itinerary that matched our vision and met our expectations. We’re sharing what we have learned here.

Whether it’s perusing through downtown shops or finding an off-the-beaten-path hiking trail, we know our backyard well and have years of experience finding the best spots. Our goal is to save you time, stress, & energy by sharing our collective info all in one ever-growing place.