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Ultimate Guide to Lake Stanley Draper

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Lake Stanley Draper is our OKC lake escape. We visit often to walk our pups and ride our bikes. Located in central Oklahoma, in the southeast corner of Oklahoma City, the lake area offers visitors recreational activities such as boating, fishing, hiking, and mountain biking, to name a few. 

The reservoir has 34 miles of shoreline surrounding roughly 3000 acres of water.  Originally built in 1962-1963, Lake Stanley Draper is the only lake in Oklahoma City that allows water skiing. Recent upgrades over the past decade have made the lake a destination for cyclists and hikers, among others, who utilize its paved trails and amenities.

How To Get To Lake Stanley Draper

Lake Stanley Draper is located in Southeast Oklahoma City, just east of Moore, OK. It’s situated south of I-240 and just north of 149th Street, between Westminster and Midwest Boulevard. Stanley Draper Drive surrounds the lake and its peninsulas, giving visitors easy access to amenities around the lake. 

Points of interest are labeled in Google Maps. Check out our link below!

Best Things To Do At Lake Stanley Draper

Located near the Oklahoma City metro, Lake Stanley Draper gives nearby residents and visitors a quiet wooded escape with both relaxing and adventurous activities available.

City permits for activities such as boating, off-road riding, fishing, hunting, flying model aircraft, etc. can be purchased online here and onsite at the marina. State permits are required as well for fishing and boating.

1. Boating & Kayaking

Boat ramps are available at the marina, Points 22 & 23, and Park Recreation Area 1. All watercraft must have permits to be launched onto the lake. 

Visitors can use boats, kayaks, jet skis, etc. to relax, fish, and water ski in designated areas. Glass containers are not allowed on the lake.

2. Fishing

Six fishing piers & docks are available around the lake at various points. Most people fish for bass, crappie, catfish, walleye, & perch.

Fishing piers are available at Points 4, 6, 9, 19, 22, & 23, the marina, and Park Recreation Area 1.

Lake Stanley Draper

3. Water Skiing

Waterskiing and jet skis are allowed on Lake Stanley Draper. Be sure to follow safety protocol when out on the water and operating watercraft. 

Note: Swimming is not allowed at Lake Stanley Draper. 

4. Biking & Walking Trails

🚲 Lake Stanley Draper Trail / 13.5 miles / Loop Trail / Moderate  

This paved trail loops around Lake Stanley Draper & is great for bikers, runners, & walkers. We take our pups out often along sections of this trail. Some areas of the trail have better views of the lake than others. Be prepared for some hills with hefty inclines and declines.

There are several spots around the lake with parking spaces available. Looking for restrooms? There are porta potties at Mile 1 & Mile 7 and regular restrooms at the marina and near the playground by the marina.

Note: Bikers & walkers must beware of cars crossing the Lake Stanley Draper Trail as it surrounds the lake. Drivers, beware of those using this trail as you drive across its path!

Lake Stanley Draper trails
Lake Stanley Draper Trail

🚲 Tinker-Draper Trail / 8.5 miles / Moderate

This trail runs from the Oklahoma River at the I40 & I35 junction and continues to the north side of Lake Stanley Draper.

5. Mountain Biking & Hiking Trails

These trails reside in the Lake Stanley Draper Mountain Bike Park, northeast of the lake. Hikers & mountain bikers share these unpaved, wooded trails. The terrain is sometimes uneven. Bug spray is recommended during warm months. We check for ticks after hiking during the summer months. Pets must be on a leash at all times. Trails are open year-round. Signs can be a little difficult to follow, so use an app such as the AllTrails app to stay on track. 

Check trail statuses and closures here.

  • 🟠 Orange Trail / 0.6 miles / Easy
  • 🟢 Green Loop / 2.81 miles / Easy
  • 🔵 Blue Trail / 1.84 miles / Easy
  • Horseshoe Trail / 1.4 mile / Moderate
  • 🟡 Yellow Trail / 3.06 miles / Moderate 
  • 🔴 Red Trail / 1.38 miles / Difficult
Lake Draper trails
Lake Draper trails sign

Note: Various short wooded trails can also be found at the end of paved drives (or “points”) around the lake that extend to the beach area across its many peninsulas. 

6. ATV & Dirt Bike Area

CrossTimbers ORV is a 1500+ off-road riding acreage devoted to ATVs and dirt bikes only. The park has multiple trails along with an endurocross area and motocross track. City permits are necessary for riding and can be purchased online. Find out more information about their trail maps, cost, and trail statuses here

7. Camping

CrossTimbers Campground is located near the CrossTimbers ORV riding area trailhead and has 32 campsites available at $8 per day for up to 2 weeks. The sites have no electric or water hookups, but do have charcoal grills and concrete picnic tables. Porta potties are available on one end of the campground. Permits can be purchased at the marina only. 

Camping here is pretty primitive with few amenities, but if you are looking for something rustic with not many neighbors, it might be pretty perfect!

CrossTimbers campground Lake Draper
CrossTimbers Campground

8. Picnicking

You can set up a picnic at several scenic spots with concrete picnic tables throughout the entire lake area, but there are a few popular areas that are perfect for picnicking.

🧺 Lake Draper Sunset Park – south side of the lake

🧺 Lake Stanley Draper Playground – next to the marina

🧺 Point Area #1 – covered pavilion next to the volleyball area

🧺 Point 10, Area 2 – playground with covered pavilion

Lake Draper Sunset Park
Lake Draper Sunset Park

9. Digging for Rose Rocks

One insanely cool thing about Lake Stanley Draper is the ability to collect our state rock, the rose rock. The lake often gets a bad rap for its red-stained, muddy water. However, its unique red clay is the cause of our famed rose rocks and provides a one-of-a-kind experience in exploration. 

walking out to Point 12
Point 12
shoreline point 12 Lake Draper
Point 12

Often, no digging is necessary. Look carefully. They can be found along the shoreline!

These “petaled” rocks can often be found at Points 10, 11, & 12 as well as on the southeast side of the lake by the dam. Park and walk along the trail to the lake. 

The barite rose was formed when the barite crystals came about from groundwater through porous spaces between grains of sand in Garber Sandstone. Our red dirt was created when sand and mud eroded from the eastern end of Oklahoma and was transferred by river flow westward to a sea about 299 to 251 million years ago. The red comes from the red iron oxide compounds found in the mud and sand. 

Unfortunately, there is trash and litter scattered in the area.

Lake Stanley Draper point 12 shoreline
Point 12
rose rock at Lake Stanley Draper
Point 12

Things to bring:

✔️ Pail

✔️ Waterproof boots / sandals / water shoes

✔️ Water

✔️ Camera

✔️ Sunscreen / hat

✔️ Bug spray

Note: 6 rose rocks per person is the limit!

10. Model Airplane Field

Baxter Field RC Flying Club has a paved runway and field available for flying model airplanes. Permits must be purchased to participate. 

11. Lake Stanley Draper Playgrounds

The shaded playground area is located next to the marina and is a great spot for picnics and for children to play.

Point 10, Area 2 also has a playground area with a covered pavilion.

Point 10, Area #2
playground at Lake Stanley Draper Marina
Lake Stanley Draper Marina

12. Lake Stanley Draper Marina

Lake Stanley Draper’s marina has restrooms, water, fishing & boating gear, and friendly, helpful staff. Permits can be purchased inside. Concessions such as chips, drinks, ice, and pizza are available as well. Fishing piers, boat docks, and ramps are nearby. 

Lake Stanley Draper Marina

13. Volleyball Courts

Two volleyball courts surrounded by sand are located at Point #1 area. 

volleyball area

14. City Art Scavenger Hunt

See if you can spot all four art pieces funded by an art program through the City of Oklahoma City!

  • Booya Car – partially buried artistic & classic car located on SE 119th Street on the east side of the trail
  • Bee 52 – Represents both a bee and a bomber & is located on the west side of the lake
  • 360 Respite – park bench made from reclaimed wood that is located near Bee 52
  • Convergence – sculpture made from reclaimed wood
OKC city art

15. Wildlife Viewing

You’re likely to come across various wildlife, especially if you’re patient and quiet. Expect to see various birds such as hawks, egrets, songbirds, and occasionally roadrunners. Turtles can be seen in the lake. We often see deer, squirrels, lizards, and rabbits along the trails depending on the time of day and season.

16. Horseback Riding

Book a trail ride with The Riding Stables at Draper Lake to explore the area by horseback! Learn more here.

Where To Stay Near Lake Stanley Draper

Visitors can camp at the lake or book lodging at a local hotel in Moore or Oklahoma City. Our accommodations resource is linked below!

book lodging


Is Lake Stanley Draper free?

Entrance to Lake Stanley Draper is completely free! Permits are required for activities such as fishing, boating, and camping and can be purchased online or at the marina. 

How deep is Lake Stanley Draper?

Lake Stanley Draper’s maximum depth is about 93 feet. Its average depth is currently about 10 feet.

Where does Lake Stanley Draper get its water?

The lake receives water from the Atoka Reservoir pipeline.

Wrap-Up: Lake Stanley Draper 

Lake Stanley Draper has so many amazing assets to offer for both adventure seekers and those in search of peace found in nature. The Southeast metro area is fortunate to have such a cherished piece of Oklahoma within its reach. Whether you’re on the hunt for treasured rose rocks, in need of a bike ride with epic sunset views, or want to spend some time out on the water, you’ll find some reprieve in this neck of the woods.


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